Chantel, Laurel, Maryland, October 2001

Chantel, Laurel, Maryland, October 2001

4 responses to “Chantel, Laurel, Maryland, October 2001

    • White makes an easy color reference — and conversion makes “color control” even easier!

      The base was shot on Ektachrome more than 12 years ago. Back then, I more frequently used a hand-held light meter (God I have got a good one (two of them) for the ages)!

      In fact, I could stand to be out three times a week with the “good camera”, a “portrait lens”, a tripod, and the light meter.

      And a babe!

  1. Photography, which is so often about memory and moments, has been from its very beginnings, literally Daguerre and Talbot, both an art and technology concerned with the past. It seems whatever our age, we’re old romantics, and it’s not difficult finding pinhole, collodion, wooden box and hood, 120/220, and 35mm enthusiasts keeping all those fires burning.

    I have my now damning and near worthless collection of film gear and find it awfully hard even a generation or two behind in digital to engage film — and I no longer have the home darkroom for play. Nonetheless, I’m keeping my gear, hoping for business 🙂 and eventually, perhaps, the largesse to go out with what has become eclectic technology (hard to say that about the Mamiya 645 AF, but that’s the way things have gone).

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