I am the author of my works!


As such, I may ask for one-time payment or royalties for the sale or use of the same.

Direct print-for-wall sales relinquish to the buyer ownership of the sheet or sheets purchased but not ownership of the image printed or license to record, reproduce, and otherwise distribute the art in facsimile.  Such sales are one-time for me: I get what I get, and the buyer gets a work of art.

Purchase for commercial or editorial use generally licenses for one-time program or publication use in exchange for a negotiated fee based on customary rates or usage.

Giving stuff away depresses me these days; on the other hand, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

Basically, I’ll be nice about delivering a print file, now and then, if you buy me a pizza.

Clients putting up shooting fees and referring relationships may obtain favor by way of reduced fee or no-fee licensing for limited use for art created in relation to business contracted directly or pursued in common.

Basically, with weddings, for example, the customer gets print files and license to print and distribute for personal purposes without qualms, pretty much; the wedding planner and others involved may obtain some pictures of themselves and their work for web use (or more) as a courtesy, but there I tread carefully: if the associate is putting up the bucks for paper, printer, and racks, I may want my cut.

In this way, business becomes twisting.

If it wasn’t twisting, a least a little bit, it wouldn’t be business.

Third-party publishers: we negotiate according to usage and terms.  If the flowers demand lives in a greeting card series, good: I’ll take a fee or royalty in exchange for an exclusive license, distribution, and term.