Editorial Services

Editorial, Research, and Writing Services

Credibility in this domain may rest on an M.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland, publication in The North American Review, credits in journalism from Firehouse Magazine to The Washington Post, and a sinful track record of astute and clever comment online, “chatyping”, so I have called it, across a variety of online communities, from models.com and zoetrope.com to Facebook and dozens of its forums to a blog about conflict, culture, language, and psychology called BackChannels.

I’m “on station” just about every day, reading and writing something and with more or less satisfaction, for every day on the World Wide Web proves an intellectual adventure.

I may return attention to creative writing (so stated, mid-August 2013), but whether submerged in that or not, feel welcome to approach or task with a mission.

I’ve built a base of awareness and knowledge in tandem with driving a blog around conflict and political psychology, but many other forms, from copywriting to film writing remain within my command.

The enterprise will not be fussy but may incline to bill by the hour (Time and Materials) or work to specification within a predictable framework bounded by project scope.

Capability Statement (PDF)

Creative Writing

The young writer might yet promote the old one: I recently pulled together a collection of short and short-short stories for an affordable e-book, A Younger Soul.  There are in it several good examples of a highly compressed literary impressionism, and as I’ve learned in my arts, one resumes climbing where one last stepped, so whatever I may have done, I expect to be doing it again and better.