The Way it Is

I have a small collection of signed prints but, today, August 19, 2013, no serious — !3+ paper or larger, archival inks, state-of-the color management — printer.

Moreover, I’m reluctant to obtain one without an advanced sales contract or other commitment or investment approaching . . . $5,000.  That’s not too high a price for adding art to a corporate headquarters, for example, or a hallways in a house in The Hamptons, for another, but I’m sure it’s beyond the interest of the average visual art tourist online or offline.

A printing program may also be worked into a commission or art project of similar or greater value.

Sailing, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, May 5, 2000.

I would like to return to the way it was, but with a different printer.

If the reader of this page has capital and interest in the boutique printing of visually delicious photographic art, find me on the web or provide a way for me to find you and I will be in touch.

The Way it Was

I have allowed my printer, an HP-B9180 I call “Bertha”, to run through hundreds of dollars of archival “Vivera” inks without printing a sheet!

I suppose a narcissist needs a narcissistic printer, for Bertha does this to me by way of checking herself out once every 24 hours and keeping tabs on the functioning of her microscopic ink-spitting nozzles.  Printing with such a touchy behemoth scares me, and yet, every time out, with some allowance for cleaning the jets, she prints a brilliant and precise photograph.  That’s why I haven’t traded her in, but given the expense of  her breathing just once a day, I hold out hope for serious art sales, either by the piece, by way of low volume effort (say, no more than 25 prints — actually, 23 prints with two reserved for the estate — sold into the wild), or by the value of a production edition (25 prints manufactured in advance of sales).

Starter bid: per 13×19-inch print: $95 plus shipping; Maryland residents pay 6 percent sales tax; payment: cleared check or Paypal transaction.

Editions: open unless stated closed, whether published by edition or tracked to an arbitrary maximum distribution x image x paper x size.