Amber, Western Maryland, Winter 2009

Amber, Western Maryland, Winter 2009

4 responses to “Amber, Western Maryland, Winter 2009

    • I don’t know how much of technical back stage I want to share here, but in digital, really lost highs are lost. In “faux fashion” or “model-photographer culture” shooting, the girl and a bit of flattery are the thing — the model gets some print files out of this, and I get something to post — and the toning out of the “digital darkroom” is just poetic (and fit to taste at the desktop).

      The review of inventory that has been part of rebuilding a computer and migrating (and editing) files has been tough as regards purpose. What can I do with a nice enough wild hair winter picture? I don’t think the Hair Cuttery, or such, needs it these days.

      • In digital do you shoot RAW? If not, and your camera is capable, I thoroughly recommend it – it can be surprising what can sometimes be pulled back out of what initially seem burnt highlights.

  1. Always NEF-RAW with a Nikon, and most migration in Adobe LR remains “original” rather than “dng”. However, the best worked images move to TIFF and treatment in Photoshop (e.g., “Trout Fisher, Patuxent River . . . . ” is a meticulously worked photograph [D70 origin]). The P&S Lumix experience contrasts quite with all things DSLR and film 35mm and 120: Thing thing — Panasonic Lumix Lx5 — has proven itself genius for one-handed handling (I now have a permanent deformed “mallet finger” on the dominant hand and for a while have been [snap] shooting left-handed). Like you, I shoot aperture-priority, which attends to depth of field, but with a p&s camera, f/5.6-8 suits; however, in each mode, the Lumix “thinks” a little differently, so I “bracket” by changing modes, and that turns out some jpeg recordings.

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