Cleared for Take Off

If one finds himself found on any given day, it’s probably natural regretting so much time spent running around lost, or, in my case, working on many things “in parallel” as the geeks might say, and waking up to look back (while still looking forward) on a remarkable trove of photographs, songs, and assorted writings around the web.

One may wake up any given morning and see the spread, a veritable Bonanza of a ranch in the development of local relationships and a global commnicating presence involving many individuals and organizations.  There may come with that one additional startling thought: what seemed like the middle of life or even something approaching an end turns out to have actually become a beginning.


Fine Art America: I’ve started raising my prices for print-on-demand art, feeling that the value of the art should exceed printing and framing costs by quite a bit–or else buy the framing, put it up on the wall, and forget about the art altogether.  In addition to the bid for “a little respect”, lol, I’m returning to printing with HP’s archival Vivera inks using the beast that squats on the work table across from my workstation, the famed B9180 printer that serves up exquisite prints (ask my music buddies about that) when the planets have aligned and the software has found its happy place and conceded to work.

Georgia Boy Cafe, Hagerstown, Maryland: There really is “no business like show business”–I, speaking as musician or singer and songwriter, have got a room one night a week at this south end soft spot for cold beer, expert bartending in addition, and generous portions of the most comforting of comfortable southern cuisine.  See you Tuesday night between 7 and 10 p.m. — what a cool night to let someone else fix the drinks and cook and still send you back home in time for beddy-by and work the next day. 

# # #

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