Pangborn Factory Building, Hagerstown, Maryland

“. Locating a tract of land in the largely-undeveloped northeastern section of Hagerstown, they began clearing ground in 1915 , and the first building – still in use today – was completed in 1916 .” — Mike Yengling, “Pangborn.doc”, n.d. — “Behind its last remaining wall, the former Pangborn Corp. building on Pangborn Boulevard in Hagerstown has been reduced to rubble.” Herald Mail, December 7, 2010.

Further background:

I’m bound and determined to get in some traveling as snow season clears off, and with that may walk and shoot more “industrial” and industrial history. The old structures have their stories, and while hard to believe, no matter how substantial or long planted on the landscape, they may and often enough do come down to make way for redevelopment.

Click here to view additional photographs from the series..

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