Saving “Bertha” — The Printer

I’ve allowed my printer, an HP-B9180, to run through hundreds of dollars of archival “Vivera” inks without printing a sheet!

I suppose a narcissist needs a narcissistic printer, for she does this to me by way of checking herself out once every 24 hours and keeping tabs on the functioning of her microscopic ink-spitting nozzles.  Printing with such a touchy behemoth scares me, and yet, every time out, with some allowance for cleaning the jets, she prints a brilliant and precise photograph.  That’s why I don’t trade her in, but given the expense of  her breathing just once a day, I hold out hope for serious art sales, either in volume or by the production run.

Starter bid: per 13×19-inch print: $95 plus shipping; Maryland residents pay 6 percent sales tax; cleared check or Paypal transaction.

Editions: open unless stated closed.

Licensing: priced according to usage.

Third-Party Publishing: negotiable.

Cloud-Sea & Moon — Signed, Limited Edition Prints


Printer: HP B9180 with Vivera inks — good for about 200 or more years.
Paper: InkPress Fine Art Matte, 220GSM — acid free for permanence.
Dimensions: 13×19-inch (A3+), no borders.
Print Run: four to six, God willing — there are three already on the dining room table, but “the estate” — such as the tawdry thing may be — may hold one or two in reserve.

I’ve cross-posted this entry from, but in the future may post new inventory here first.

Antietam Set

Bloody Lane, Antietam National Battlefield Park. Also known as the “Sunken Road”, along its length a scene of remarkable violence and carnage. The monument is that of the 132nd Pennsylvania Volulnteer Infantry.

Antietam Set – 12 Prints – 13×19 inches

With the “Antietam Set”, I’ve set  on my own table a very limited edition project — a dozen orders and I will be done.

Specification: HP B9180 with the Vivera inks on InkPress Fine Art Matte.  If the HP should not survive the work, then I’ll move on to an Epson 3880 and the Ultrachrome K3 (with “Vivid Magenta”) inks.

The slide show to which I’ve linked has an e-mail link in its upper right corner.

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