Print: Black Eyed Susans, Hagerstown, Maryland, October 2009

Black Eyed Susan, Hagerstown, Maryland, October 2009

I’m not sure whether to re-post items here or refer to their original showing, but the first word of the blog title, “Print”, tells that one or more prints have been birthed by “Bertha” (the monstrous HP B9180 printer).

I’ll probably invest in another round of inks with the HP unit.  After all, she’s on board and behaving better than expected (except for eating a sheet or two of fine art paper now and then in addition to the daily ink spitting pumping of the nozzles involved in checking herself out).

This following comes from a medium format, 6×4.5cm, transparency and 3200-dpi scan, and it came out well on paper this evening.

Three Susans, Fairgrounds Park, Hagerstown, Maryland, October 1,

The camera involved was a Mamiya 645 AF — oh, baby! — and it too could do with a road trip . . . what I really should do with that one is work a portrait session.  Old school!