Published! For Kindle.

Oppenheim, James S.  A Younger Soul: Seven Short Stories.  Hagerstown, Maryland: Communicating Arts, 2013.

The busyness enabled by the web — the Facebook thing and its 570 buddies; the several blogs; the unbridled span of artistic and intellectual interests — finally staggered me, and the whole “Bertha-the-Printer” thing (she’s checking herself out by spitting ink as I type) feels like the last straw: I’ve done enough for glory!

My environment may be rich, but I seem to remain ever the bohemian rattling around inside of it.

I haven’t set down the cameras, far from that, but am more inclined to license images than print them (unless there’s an order out there tall enough to cover the complete costs of the work and produce some pizza on the side), to continue shooting for fee (of course), and then, using Amazon’s vendor program, to get started on the next e-book.