Crazy Business (And Wishin’ and a Prayin’)

Sailing, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, May 5, 2000.

For what it’s worth — we shall see — I posted this morning nine images from the sailing days to my Fine Art America account, and I took my pricing to where I didn’t want it to go, i.e., less than half the cost of production — and those media, printing, and framing costs are getting up there. Ā About the best I’m going to do is $100 on a $400 (or so) order.


Perhaps I should have kept “Bertha”, the Big ink-sucking HP B9180 printer, going, huh?

Maybe not.

I’m out a little time at the virtual fine art store, but it’s not sucking me dry while checking itself out daily.

* * *

The big question is . . . even if you’re a buyer armed with a million bucks, what is that pretty picture on the wall in the den, or the waiting room or the lobby of the building housing the practice, worth?

What is one buying these days?

I happen to like the above image quite a bit.

If I were flush and printing, I’d make an edition of it (signed, limited — yesterday: 13 x 19 inches; next round: 24-inches on the short side, single sheet feed).


* * *

The system has logged visits from Beverly Hills, so . . . you never know.

However, one wishes not to die of encouragement while waiting for The Big Score!


# # #

ISO: Work!

I don’t know whether the skills — and by inference the capital in equipage and knowledge — exhibited in this space are going to work for me, as it were.

This morning began with my editing a friend’s resume — yes, I can do that too even though approaching my own (there’s a new section on the above tabs) plainly scares me.

Oh my God, what have I done with my life!?

From one perspective, I can answer that without cringing: if deflected, discouraged, or inhibited early on,perhaps, I’ve nonetheless spent my life reading, writing (well, “journaling” at least), playing music, and engaged with photography.


Of course.

From another perspective, I may not be anything like what America’s combined accounting, engineering, and political cultures want.

Had I gotten any kind of smooth launch into music (one with much less other traditional intellectual enrichment), I’d have hoped by now to have transitioned to underscoring films.

In another life — that train needed to take me to Boston.

This other organic thing, less one-track minded, has sprawled a bit, and here am I squeezing it back into form, casting for “tasking” and otherwise molding it, kneading it around projects.

A combination of the two — direct service relationships and income; independent creative entrepreneurship — comprise my needs.

Offered: a terrific broad editorial and research capability bounded by English only and not by geography at all, such may be the “life of the mind” on the World Wide Web; general photography, where one indeed has to go somewhere with a camera, making the same an east coast (mid-Atlantic, New England, southern states) sport from my location close by two major American Interstates: I-70 and I-81.

Troubled manuscripts — academic, business, creative — may be welcomed here!


Also, schedule permitting and pony car willing, speeding with Nikon glass away from this desktop on a client’s mission would be welcomed here too.

It has to happen.

All kinds of things are just ready for it.

Saving “Bertha” — The Printer

I’ve allowed my printer, an HP-B9180, to run through hundreds of dollars of archival “Vivera” inks without printing a sheet!

I suppose a narcissist needs a narcissistic printer, for she does this to me by way of checking herself out once every 24 hours and keeping tabs on the functioning of her microscopic ink-spittingĀ nozzles. Ā Printing with such a touchy behemoth scares me, and yet, every time out, with some allowance for cleaning the jets, she prints a brilliant and precise photograph. Ā That’s why I don’t trade her in, but given the expense of Ā her breathing just once a day, I hold out hope for serious art sales, either in volume or by the production run.

Starter bid: per 13×19-inch print: $95 plus shipping; Maryland residents pay 6 percent sales tax; cleared check or Paypal transaction.

Editions: open unless stated closed.

Licensing: priced according to usage.

Third-Party Publishing: negotiable.