Gig Snaps + Fireworks

I would like to tell you how hungover I am, but cannot, for I am only a little partied out.


And getting over it with coffee bean from Nicaragua.

However, if I weren’t fighting “Dunlap’s Disease” (as in, “honey, my belly done lapped over my belt!”), this would be fine morning hour for a cold beer.

Gig Snaps –> “If I’m to perform — guitarist, vocalist, singer/songwriter — I may bring a camera; if I bring a camera. what I shoot around the gig goes here” (

So it goes, but here I may remove the “I may bring a camera” part, for the high-end point-and-shoot Lumix Lx5 fairly assures I will have at least that¬†camera with me.¬†¬†¬†

Greg Trumpower picking a tune out in the wilting heat of the late Fourth of July afternoon, 2012, Hagerstown, Maryland.

Greg Trumpower has been knockin’ at rockabilly and Americana in music for decades.¬† Retired from writing mortgages for Wells Fargo, he’s had more time for house, garden, and music (, and every Fourth of July, he’s hosted a Home Concert and Block Party, now fairly well attended and with a terrific locaton for watching the “North End” Hagerstown Fireworks.

Dave Violet (L) and Greg Trumpower (R) pick one.

Greg’s friend Dave Violet has a fine ear and plays well, but as others of our cohort do between age, economy, and fate, he’s been struggling with health and house and here has borrowed Greg’s old Gibson, a little hard to play, stiff action, so Dave says.¬†¬†Pay him no mind¬†on that — he’s very smooth and jazzes it up¬†as if the old flat top had been¬†built and setup just for him.

Finale – Fourth of July — Hagerstown, Maryland 2012.

Not bad for a hand-held point-and-shoot!

Well, it’s colorful.¬†

Technically, hand shake and fire in motion may have conspired for effect. 

It has been very cool working in three arts and along multiple parallel career tracks, but when one gets “inside” the less visible machinery and methods of an avenue of expression, it becomes very difficult managing (alone) each art (or research) system: I’d rather have recorded the fireworks with the D2x on a tripod, but . . . outside . . . public party . . . in town . . . Mustang parked a block away . . . chair and¬†gig bag (day travel base camp) slung over my shoulder and guitar case in hand —¬†one system per mission, please.

Of course, as all in production now — film, music, photography — locations come with their own package of encouragements by way of amenity, convenience, and security, so perhaps I will find my way to another house party but out in the countryside with ample parking and other music-supporting and photography-encouraging features.

We shall see!

In the meantime, enjoy my memory of my town’s fireworks 2012.

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One response to “Gig Snaps + Fireworks

  1. Thank you so much for such an outstanding article covering the 4th of July MyYard event. It was as always, a pleasure to have you here and always look forward to seeing you again. Thanks Jim.

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