That Old Main Web Site

My firm’s old main web presence — — has cost me a bundle ($35 per month) over the years, and although it says “I can do this and that and a few other things too,” it costs more than it should today, and yet . . . it’s set up and it tells the truth: camera, mind, and language (also guitar and voice) — then art, communicating, and entertainment product — I’m still pretty damn good!

I’ve been thinking of contributing to the web’s general “link rot” and migrating the web not only to a less expensive hosting service but with a new design altogether, but, sheesh, we’re not talking about all that much of a difference over the course of a year, and I still have great flexibility with what I call its “main stage”.

The “CA Main Web” is a part of my ante on that boundless poker table we call business, and not only am I in but in with the most interesting set of cards ever–more portals for showing off wares; more social share sites for  . . . sharing the experience; perhaps too, more experience, or sufficient, finally, in basic business and the routines involved in scouting and scoping work, setting a bid rate, contract type, and minimums, and scheduling to market  quietly to the best effect.

That old main web site needs its little bit of attention, and it’s going to get it–a few additions, a few edits, but not a new look: after all these years, it still works, and, for the most part, I still like it!

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