Distractions o’ the Season

This is looking a tough winter, expensive for heating, not too thrilling for the Mustang.  It may nonetheless have its charms, chief among them the same icy weather and snow that transforms the landscape and lends charm to the season for those who have put in somewhere and find kitchen, library, and livingroom, which here features for a home theater a very good HDTV with 7.1 surround sound,  quite cozy. 

I’ve had other and more adventurous seasons, but with less opportunity for fine art photography.  The photograph above: three minutes, if that, with the Avon Lady decorating the door of a home in full Christmas Season swing. 

 This year? 

I don’t know where I may go or when, but I know (when the roads are clear), I may drive at will and put in too on some Main Street with a decent restaurant or several. 

Before I get back to that feckless wunderlust, however, it seems I, in keeping with other men in their mid-50’s, must do something about my “fitness level”, which across three years of sitting on my butt at this computer, enough so to bill myself a bona fide “mouse potato”, has aged me far into my early 70’s. 

Fortunately, here in the 50’s such disasters may be reversed. 

Whether before or with the photography–nothing like long walks in the countryside for health–it looks like I will be walking, jogging, running, and bicycling (but not this year cross-country skiing) to throw into reverse the ravages of an overwhelmingly sedentary lifestyle.

# # #

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