I Really Do Shoot Weddings


Flash on a bracket for the festive moments; big lights for portraits and groups: everything works!

Jack of all trades and master of some, I work at many things across the course of a week.  In fact, narrowing scope, approaching activities with more programmatic discipline, and scheduling for preparation and performance have become both business and life themes. 

Some wonderful things, especially in the guitar-and-voice beg to be sustained, and doing so takes some energy and costs some time, but whether for my health or for audience, I (and it) find the practice worth it. 

Other activities, starting with my life as a voracious reader and still effusive writer, need their nourishment too; in addition, I’ve gone film crazy with my Netflix account, and that enthusiasm needs its little bit of space as well as blending with everything else.

Of my three diverging areas of art, photography naturally integrates with the now souped up and computerized quarters of the visual arts: design, graphic art, illustration, and layout.  Over the summer, I upgraded my software capability from Adobe’s “Web Basic CS3”, which provided for photography and web work, to the firm’s “Design Suite CS4”, which pairs the former webcentric publishing tools with several industry-strandard print publishing applications, including InDesign and Illustrator.  Each week, or several times a week, I will simply tackle something new in the programs with which I’ve been least familiar (but I’ll be holding off on Flash for a while longer) and slip related services on to the Communicating Arts menu as I become more experienced, competent, and confident

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