For a While on Flickr . . . .


Plain stupid?

Who knows?

There’s plenty more going up.

Of course, it can all be brought down too.

For a while, however, I seem to be getting a kick out Flickr’s screen-filling slideshow and still presentation features.

Writer, Musician, Photographer — I went for a trifecta! — knows how to write, play guitar and sing, and take fairly decent photographs and snapshots, but the business thing has had me whigged a long time!

In our online journey, the era of bad English has been long supplanted by another of terrific visual art, so much so that one’s best may find company with the best of tens of thousands of other equally fine shooters.  I / you / we have been floating along on a sea of gorgeous photography as well as looking into the black pit of the world’s most reprehensible moments.

It’s been easy getting lost.

* * *

Propelling posting to Flickr — Note: NEW material will continue appearing here, and first — has been both upgrades in the hosting technology, which appears to accept DNG and NEF masters (wow!), and related presentation — there is something good about seeing fine work (I hope it is that) full screen.

# # #

Printing from Mumma Farm Snaps

Antietam National Battlefield Park, March 10, 2013


Window, Outbuilding, Mumma Farm, Antietam National Battlefield P

Ah sweah “Bertha” — HPB9180 — has a mind o’ her own and won’t do nothin’ consistent apart from swillin’ ink around suppertime, just pumpin’ it through her system, spittin’ it out in a little cup, keepin’ track o’ which micropores are open which are clogged.

For all that, she’s pretty good!

Should anyone buy a print, and it arrives off-centered, my permission is hereby given to cut and mat according to taste.

“Giclée” print makers of a certain masochistic bent know how well HP’s expensive dinosaur and headache print — and what I get are technically gorgeous and flawless archival prints — and how badly, how tortuously, how hanged and damnable its software has been to make up for its mechanical prowess.

And just to make sure photographers owning the B9180 suffer on their own, HP, by and large, has supported the absolute worst, most aggressively sabotaging customer service in the world: in one naive episode, the “tech” (overseas) got me to download and load the software for a related machine, which provided me with minimum utility on the unit at hand.


There is a Yahoo user’s group.

I haven’t followed it too closely, but I think I might go to it as one may got to any number of social help groups for victims of one sort of abuse or another.

I’ll tell them, “My name is Jim, and I’ve been beaten up really good by Bertha, my printer!”

The fact is I’d replace here if she didn’t turn out prints like a pro.

You just got to treat her right, I guess.

Lord knows the other models in printing have their problems too, but I doubt any drive their owners as crazy as “B” (9180).